Premier Magnetos

/ Date- 26/05/2024
Welcome To Premier Magnetos * Estd. Since 1972 * Prembazar * Hijili Co-Operative , Kharagpur , Pin-721306(W.B.) * India * MOB No. 9434205116

Estd. 1972

ABOUT our company

Premier Magnetos: Born out of a passion for self-reliance and entrepreneurship.
Since 1972, Premier Magnetos has been a trusted name in empowering rural populace by offering innovative advanced powered/non-powered technologies for application in the agriculture and allied sectors.
Our vision is to promote livelihood generation for self-sustenance of people at the grass-root level. We focus on developing machineries for employment generation at the grassroot level utilizing naturally available resources.

Our Innovations Champion Socio-Economic Empowerment By
 1.  Promoting traditional/domestic/cottage and small-scale industries.
 2.  Mechanizing traditional skills to enhance production.
 3.  Reducing income inequalities and promoting women empowerment.
4.  Arresting migration from villages.

Our vision is

  • Self-employment generation at the grassroot level.
  • Empowering rural women by providing them with a convenient means of income.
  • Modernizing the traditional skills of village and forest-based people with appropriate technology.
Entrepreneurship is Empowerment
The journey along the path of entrepreneurship is not a smooth one. But it is a path dictated by no one but oneself.
Our machines have been engaged in promoting self-reliance and empowerment of people across the country since 1972.
Our motto is to turn individuals into entrepreneurs, starting at the grassroot level.
Our vision is to champion “Atmanirbharta” as a means to achieving “Atmabhimaan”.
Manoj Kumar Bhattacharyya
The Founder and CEO of Premier Magnetos.
B.Tech(Hons.)Mech. I.I.T Kharagpur, C.E.Consulting Engineer Projects(I.I.T Kgp.),Consultant RUTAG.(Eastern India). V.P. AIAMMA(Bengal Chapter).
Mobile No. 9434205116,, Prembazar, Hijili Co-Operative, Kharagpur, pin-721306(W.B.)India.